选一点Many Years From Now里面的McLennon嫌疑深重的quote,大部分直接就是Paul的采访,看的时候各种捧心,果然糖啊刀啊还是官方发才带劲,大家感受一下 *wink wink 因为懒所以不翻译了

Paul: We'd go up to John's room and we'd sit on the bed and play records, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry. It's a wonderful memory; I don't often get nostalgic, but the memory of sitting listening to records in John's bedroom is so lovely, a nice nostalgic feeling, because I realize just how close I was to John. It's a lovely thought to think of a friend's bedroom then. A young boy's bedroom is such a comfortable place, like my son's bedroom is now he's got all his stuff that he needs : a candle, guitar, a book. John's room was very like that. James reminds me very much of John in many ways : he's got beautiful hands. John had beautiful hands.
泡(说自己)不是一个习惯怀旧的人,但他关于少年时John的卧室的记忆却温馨。想想两个少年窝在床上兴奋地听唱片!太他妈可爱了!John的房间是两个人的小世界,也是Paul关于旧时最鲜明的回忆啊。Paul自此感受到他和John亲近无比"listen to the music we were destined to remember"绝壁就这里啊啊啊啊啊不行了我要哭了!John有双漂亮的手啊没错我知道可是泡来说不知道为什么就啊啊啊啊啊(失血过多

Paul:The thing about John is that it wasn't just a collaboration;John was very special. And I think for him, I must have been special, because he'd have got rid of me. That's the point about John. He didn't suffer fools gladly. Given half a chance he would have elbowd me! And feel right about it! But I was his main collaborator.
“John是特别的,John是没有办法忍受蠢人的,但他这么久还没把我撵走,所以我应该挺不错的。”长期以来,Paul都以John作为衡量自己创作能力的重要标准,John的意见对他来说至关重要,即使是解散之后都是如此。这段话里面,居然有一种,浓浓的自豪感(捂脸)真是 太可爱了。内心os是:“我!我才是John认定的人!只有我才能作为他的创作伙伴待在他身边!”这种认同度真的可怕。这样一来,再多的毁谤啊批评啊可能都比不上John的一句讽刺吧。啊啊啊啊啊这样想起来,我觉得,Muzak to my ears真的好过分……

Paul: I would ring him when I went to New York and he would say,'Yeah, what d'you want?"I just thought we might meet?' 'Yeah, what the fuck d'you want man?'I used actually to have some very frightening phone calls. Thank God they're not in my life any more. I went through a period when I would be so nervous to ring him and so insecure in myself that I actually felt like I was in the wrong. It was all very acrimonious and bitter. I remember one time John said,'You're all pizza and fairy tales.' I thought, What a great album title! I said, 'Well, if that's what I am, I'm not wholly against that description of me. I can think of worse things to say.'But another time I called him and it was 'Yeah? Yeah? Whadda ya want?'He suddenly started to sound American. I said,'Oh, fuck off, Kojak,'and slammed the phone down.
这条就是 四十米的大刀(维笑
Paul在两个人里面属于温和的、让步更多的那一方,但却对过去有着无比的执念。所以也不难理解Paul听到John的美国腔的时候怒上心头挂电话了。大概是记忆被背叛的失落感吧(捂脸)妈的好虐啊我要冷静一下 这条太适合脑补了 简直能写同人

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